x_x_kristie_x_x (x_x_kristie_x_x) wrote in the_sex_stuff,

Day By Day Actitivies

Memory Monday
Share a memory with us, of any sort.

Talk Shit Tuesday
Go for it. Tell us about who pissed you off? Anyone talk shit about you..Yes? No? go ahead talk shit about them we love the drama.

Whisper Wednesday
Tell us your deep dirty secrets.

Thirsty Thursday
We're thirsty for knowledge today is the day you share random facts. Any pointless or useless information you can share.

Freaky Friday
Any paranormal experiances, ghosts, aliens, big foot anything outa the ordinary or unusual.

Sick Saturday
Tell us something gross you've done before. Or something gross that someone you know has done. Or anything gross you've heard lately.

Sneaky Sunday
What's something you've gone and done behind your parents, lovers, teachers or friends backs.

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